Rimage Digital Pte Ltd is a company that provide a wide range of Hardware, Software & Services solutions and Finance Services to businesses. Equip with more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we understand that providing reliable equipment must accompany with good after-sales services.  We strive to be Singapore No.1 Online Office Equipment Store to businesses at a competitive rate with good after-sales service. Our offering are as follow:-

  • Hardware

    • Laser Printers​

    • Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

    • Wide Format Printers

    • Projectors

  • Software & Services

    • Document Management Solution (DMS)​

    • Customer Relation Management (CRM)

    • Business Process Management (BPM)

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    • Business Services

  • Finance Services

    • Finance and Re-finance​

    • Hire Purchase and Leasing

    • All Hardware

In this age of disruption, companies have to change the way they do business and work, and that include our company too.  Rimage Digital has made the necessary changes by adopting the correct hardware and software, and collaborating with the right partners.  We have created an online platform for businesses to "Get A Quote" (for Hardware) or/and "Book Appointment" (for Software & Services and Finance Services).  We have simplified for customer the process of acquiring some of the office equipment by introducing these two features.  With "Get A Quote", customers are able to get a very competitive quote within 60 seconds, and from time to time, customers will enjoy additional Cash Rebate or Free Gifts that worth from $80.00 to $1,800,00.  With this  process simplified, we achieved lower operational cost greatly, and therefore, able to pass down our saving to the customer by offering them at a very competitive prices, without compromising after-sales services.


We know buying things from internet is sometime very worrying; whether will you receive the item or/and in good working condition, especially when the amount involve is relatively more.  In order to give customer a peace of mind, we offer "Money Back Guarantee" within 30 days upon purchases or you can "Book Appointment" with us to take a look at the equipment before purchase.


Rimage Digital believes for businesses to remain sustainable, beside getting the required revenue/income and improve the company internal processes, working with the right partners are as critical.  We are authorized channel partner of Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd, which carry the brand RICOH and thus, we market her full range of hardware, software and services.  We are the TOP partner for Ricoh Singapore in year 2015 and 2016, achieving first position in Sales Revenue and Value-Added Services.  Ricoh is one of the worlds's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, including copiers, facsimiles machines, data processing systems, and related supplies. Ricoh is also renowned for its state-of-art electronic devices and photographic equipment.  Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd is established as part of the sales and service network to serve the needs of Singapore offices, with Ricoh Asia Pacific Operations Ltd as the immediate holding company and Ricoh Company Ltd in Japan as the ultimate holding company.

Software & Services

To further enhance our offering, we work very closely with partners of Microsoft, SAGE and ParaDM for ERP, CRM, DMS and BPM. We understand that solution offering requires in-depth studying and understanding on the needs and requirements of the users, and thus, you can call us or  "Book Appointment" through our website, whichever you prefer.  Let us know your preferred timing for the appointment and we will see you in your office.

Finance Services

And for financing, Hitachi Capital, Orix Leasing, DLL and Grenke are our preferred choice because of their flexibility and support.  We have help customers get financing for their new equipment purchase and re-financing for their existing equipment.  We have also successfully assisted customers obtain other types of equipment financing or/and re-financing when the banks have rejected their application.  You can call us or "Book Appointment" with us to understand more on the types of equipment.

The business environment is an ever changing landscape.  Yesterday's giant may disappear if they refuse to change accordingly.  Today's new start-up maybe one of the giant tomorrow when changes are adopted appropriately.  We will not know what will happen in the future, but we can predict the future by understanding the present and taking the necessary actions to make the future work. 


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